2013 Forestry Trade Stats – Australian Snapshot

Though its not a complete list, the following details Australia’s major trade statistics for forest products in calendar 2013.

Hardwood Chip Exports ~ 3,550 kbdmt at an average AUDFob163.21/bdmt

Softwood Log Exports ~ 1,855 km3 at an average AUDFob100.82/km3

Dressed Sawn Softwood Imports ~ 443.9 km3 at an average AUDFob596.31/km3

Rough Sawn Softwood Imports ~ 265.8 km3 at an average AUDFob399.90/km3

Pulp Imports ~ 262.4 kt at an average AUDFob631.34/t

Recovered Paper Exports ~ 1,443.4 kt at an average AUDFob160.46/t

Overall, these statistics show change over previous years, driven by depreciation of the Australian dollar, growing housing starts in Australia and the US and a modest global economic recovery.

If you need to know more or want to examine trade statistics in greater detail, contact us to discuss your needs. If we don’t have what you need on hand, we can usually get it fairly quickly.

Email tim@industryedge.com.au 

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