Australia’s Quarterly Softwood Log Export Record in DQ’13

Australia’s exports of softwood logs achieved a new quarterly record in DQ’13, reaching 593.8 km3. The export volume, achieved at an average price of AUDFob112/m3 was 13.4% higher than the previous record achieved in DQ’11.

The DQ’13 record pushed the annual volume to its second highest ever level for a calendar year, totaling 1,641 km3 in 2013. All of the recorded volume was for saw and veneer logs.

Exports of softwood logs are displayed below by state.

Exports of Softwood Logs by State: MQ’09 – DQ’13 (km3  & AUDFob)

Sftwd Log Exp

Source: ABS

The big lift in exports in DQ’13 was observably driven by Victoria (up 43.3% on SQ’13 to 414.8 km3) and NSW (up 94.85 on SQ’13 to 82.6 km3), with Queensland also posting solid gains.

The large lift in prices over 2H’13 appears to be a direct result of opportunities arising from the depreciation of the Australian dollar.

The importance of China to this trade is displayed in the following chart.

Exports of Softwood Logs by Country: MQ’09 – DQ’13 (km3)

Sftwd Log by Cntry

Source: ABS

This is an edited extract published in the monthly Wood Market Edge in March 2014.

For samples of trade data and subscription enquiries for Wood Market Edge, contact or call +61 3 5229 2470.

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