Australia Approaching ‘Peak Recovery’ for Paper – Pulp & Paper Edge

Australia is fast approaching ‘peak recovery’ for paper and paperboard, according to comments from industry leader Graeme Holland, the Managing Director of Paper to Paper.

In an exclusive interview with Pulp & Paper Edge released 15th April 2014, Holland confirmed IndustryEdge analysis that the proportion of paper and paperboard consumption that can be recovered and recycled has peaked.

An extract of the interview is available here. Also included in the extract are the latest export figures for recovered paper from Australia.

Mr Holland is a keynote speaker at the 2014 Australasian Packaging & Industrial Paper Market Outlook Forum being conducted in Melbourne on 19th and 20th June. Early Bird discounts are still available and can be accessed by clicking here. Speakers and presenters from Finland, Korea, the United Kingdom and across Australia and New Zealand will present 2014’s most significant market outlook, forecasting, networking and development event for the fibre packaging sector.



15th April 2014

+61 3 5229 2470



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