Packaging Supplier to Asia? Australia and New Zealand Get Set

Latest developments in the packaging sector of the ANZ paper and paperboard industries prove the region is setting itself as a key fibre packaging supplier to Asia. This is a key driver for the significant international guest attendance (UK, Finland, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, Indonesia, as well as Australia and New Zealand) at the 2014 Australasian Packaging & Industrial Papers Market Outlook Forum being held in Melbourne on 19th and 20th June 2014.

The recent announcement that Carter Holt Harvey’s Pulp, Paper and Packaging ( CHH PPP) business will be sold to a joint venture headlined by Japan’s Oji Holdings is the latest in a  long list of strategic moves that places ANZ much closer to the heart of Asian packaging supplies.

Other notable developments include:

  • Closure by Amcor of the Petrie Coated Cartonboard mill – all supplies are now imported  in what is now a hotly contested trade as Korean based Hansol Paper International Head of Marketing, Mr Jun Park will discuss in Australia at the Forum in June
  • Unceremonious demerger of Amcor’s fibre packaging assets into the new Orora
  • Commencement of operation of Amcor’s (now Orora’s) recycled paperboard mill at Botany in Sydney
  • Australia’s exports of recovered paper topping 1.5 Mtpa in 2012-13, which will receive thorough attention during the June Forum
  • Recent sale of the Gunns Limited (in receivership) plantation assets stranding the Tasmanian pulp mill proposal
  • Ever increasing imports of finished packaging materials into Australia and New Zealand
  • Visy’s move of global headquarters to Singapore

These strategic issues will be addressed at the Forum (view the full program here) by Finland based global packaging strategist Ms Outi Juntti from Poyry Management Consulting, the UK’s Mr Alistair Irvine from Smithers Pira and an impressive line-up of senior ANZ experts and specialists, including suppliers, manufacturers, converters and end-users.

Latest research from consultants Grant Thornton and IndustryEdge’s sought after forecasts and up to date market analysis will be a feature, as will the emphasis on food packaging and the critical issues of compliance and quality assurance.

Returning to the strategic importance of the ANZ region for Asian fibre packaging supplies, analysis by IndustryEdge shows that massive growth in consumer products exports from China and other emerging Asian nations is increasingly fuelled by inputs of new fibre supplies from countries including Australia and New Zealand. Fibre recovered and recycled from paper and paperboard is supplemented with strategically placed new fibre.

Fibre packaging can only be recycled so many times before new fibre is required to maintain the integrity and strength of everything from bags, sacks, cartons, boxes and cases. Strength properties are typically supplied by long fibres derived from softwoods that are difficult to grow in most of Asia but of which Australia and New Zealand have a relative abundance and an absolute surplus.

In addition to a powerful market presence in New Zealand and a strong and strategic stake in the Australian market, CHH PPP is a net supplier of packaging to Asia. In addition, much of its product is exported from New Zealand, wrapped around dairy and other food products. It is a strategic supplier to Asia in more than one sense.

Like Visy Industries which supplies value added softwood fibre to Asia (in the form of exported kraftliner as we described in Edition 107 of Pulp & Paper Edge in April 2014), CHH PPP adds value before exporting its product. That makes it a strong strategic holding.

All these issues will be explored in-depth at the 2014 Australasian Packaging & Industrial Papers Market Outlook Forum being co-hosted by IndustryEdge and the Australasian industry’s technical association, Appita in Melbourne on 19th and 20th June.

Register by 18th May to receive significant early registration discounts. If you are an IndustryEdge subscriber or Appita member, the discounts are even greater.


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