Paper, Packaging and Print Imports to Australia from Korea Duty Free by End 2014

The recently completed Korea Australia Free Trade Agreement (KAFTA) still has to pass a range of technical ‘hurdles’. Scrutiny through a largely rubber-stamp process involving the Australian parliament is the most significant.

However, unless something radical occurs, KAFTA will be law and come into full effect some time toward the end of 2014. IndustryEdge outlined that, in some detail, in Pulp & Paper Edge (Edition 108) last week.

There is huge interest in the impact of KAFTA, especially with respect to import duties on industrial goods.

As our slide deck, which covers the Japan Australia Economic Partnership Agreement [JAEPA] and the free trade agreement discussions with China) shows, the big impact in the paper, paper products, packaging and print sectors will be that all duties will be lifted from the date KAFTA is confirmed.

Download the slide deck here: FTAs_PPE108. The boiler plate on the front page does not apply, in this instance.

If you want to know more, contact us and please also consider attending the Packaging & Industrial Paper Market Outlook Forum in June in Melbourne. The information will be up to date and deeply insightful.

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