Packaging Paper Demand Forecasts to 2018

Participants at the 2014 Australasian Packaging & Industrial Paper Market Outlook Forum will receive exclusive access to IndustryEdge’s authoritative demand forecasts for packaging and industrial papers, through to the end of 2017-18.

In 2012-13, Australia’s total demand for packaging and industrial papers was 1,420.9 kt, up 1.9% on the previous year. The demand forecast for 2013-14 was published in October 2013. It calculated total demand for the current year would rise a very modest 0.8% to 1,432.0 kt.

Broken down further, demand for major grades for 2012-13 was:

  • Kraftliner ~ 381.0 kt
  • Multiply & Whitetop Liners ~ 391.5 kt
  • Corrugating Medium ~ 244.6 kt
  • Coated Packaging Paper & Board ~ 185.8 kt

Source: ABS & IndustryEdge research and estimates

Managing Director of IndustryEdge, Tim Woods, has confirmed that at the Forum, he will outline the firm’s latest published forecasts and updates of expected full year demand for soon to be completed 2013-14, based on the latest trade data, estimates of production and industry intelligence.

IndustryEdge will provide the packaging and industrial paper sector with estimates of current consumption of all major packaging paper grades.” said Woods.

“We will show how the experience of the current year has differed from the forecasts and discuss our expectations of the coming year and how that will impact on market participants.” Woods said.

This will be the first time IndustryEdge will discuss its packaging and industrial paper forecasts in public. Based on almost 25 years of continuous data, the forecasts, which are only published in the annual Pulp & Paper Strategic Review,* use sound econometric methods to provide forecasts of demand for all major grades of paper and paperboard, including packaging and industrial papers.

The implications of the sought after demand forecasts can be significant for businesses at all points in the supply chain, including end-users.

*Each year, IndustryEdge produces the annual Pulp & Paper Strategic Review for the Australian and New Zealand industries. The 2014 edition, which will be available to subscribers at the end of October, will be the 23rd consecutive annual edition.

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