2013-14 – Australian Woodchip Exports Climb to 4.8 Mbdmt

Geelong: 14.54, Tuesday 5th August 2014
Australian woodchip exports for 2013-14 year climbed to 4.796 Mbdmt in 2013-14, up 26.0% on the prior year.
Data released today by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) confirms predictions and estimates by IndustryEdge that total wood chip exports would rise to around 4.8 Mbdmt for the year.
Hardwood chip exports totalled 4.223 Mbdmt for the year, while softwood chips reached 0.573 Mbdmt.
In June 2014, hardwood chip exports were 0.458 Mbdmt at an average price of AUDFob157.55/bdmt and softwood chip exports were 0.068 Mbdmt at an average price of AUDFob145.11/bdmt.
Total exports for the month were lower than estimated using the IndustryEdge Shipment to Capacity ratio due to the timing of a ship leaving Australia.
Further details will be available in Wood Market Edge, the monthly publication supplied by IndustryEdge.

Contact: info@industryedge.com.au or +61 3 5229 2470

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