Carter Holt Harvey, Oji and the Australasian Fibre Advantage

In this month’s edition of our flagship Pulp & Paper Edge (Edition 122, August 2015), we published an interview with Dr Jon Ryder, the CEO of Carter Holt Harvey Pulp, Paper & Packaging (CHH PPL). Now under the ownership of the Japanese based but global Oji Paper Holdings and its partner INCJ, the reinvigorated CHH PPL seems to be experiencing a renaissance that is worth understanding.

It was an interview, so IndustryEdge will allow Dr Ryder’s comments to speak for themselves.

Here’s part of what one of the Australasian region’s truly significant strategic thinkers and leaders had to say when asked what the differences were, with the business being owned by Oji, instead of by private equity:

There are lots of minor differences; however there is one large and really very significant difference. Under the private equity ownership model, steady cash flow is required to service debt and there is little rationale to invest in projects that have a longer-term payback. Hence, there was limited investment and growth under the old model. The new owners have very long-term strategic plans that include investment and growth for our business. … the focus for the business has definitely taken  a positive step forward.

In the interview, Dr Ryder went on to discuss the region’s Radiata pine resources and their importance to the manufacture of cardboard boxes both in New Zealand and Australia, but especially in Asia. Unusually for an interview, Dr Ryder even handed us a chart that shows the importance of that softwood fibre, which we re-produced in the feature interview.

Because we love to share, if you are interested in the full interview. You can read it by clicking below.

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PPE_Edition 122_August 2015_Feature Interview

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